Things to do in Kenya National Parks – Kenya Travel Guide

Things to do in Kenya National Parks - Kenya Travel Guide

While most travelers think that Africa is only for wildlife and you probably need to get out of the usual and look out for that unique destination that offers the most thrilling and mesmerizing experiences and adventures of lifetime. And for this reason, Kenya is one of kind safari destinations that shouldn’t miss out in your bucket list. This magical country isn’t only credited for its savanna grassland wildlife species but a destination for you to explore more about snow capped mountains, thick forests, palm fringed coastline with white sandy beaches and many more. If you are planning for your safari to Africa then this is one of the most excellent places for you to encounter not just a variety of wildlife but also several physical features at a close range and at the end of the day, you will be thrilled by adventures of lifetime.

For visitors on safari to Kenya, below are some of the activities that you should add in your bucket list.

Wildlife viewing

Like most destinations in Africa, Kenya is undeniably one of the most outstanding safari destinations that are worth including in the bucket list. Kenya is largely popular for wildlife safaris that are conducted in most of the country’s most spectacular national parks and wildlife reserves depending on visitors needs. Most of these parks are widely distributed to different parts of Kenya and visitors are never left out of choice. The most popular protected areas for wildlife adventures in the magical Kenya include the Maasai Mara National ReserveLake Nakuru National Park, Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Park, Amboseli National ParkNairobi National Park and many others. For visitors who are interested in exploring more about the big five game in Africa, consider Kenya a must to visit safari destination and you will have a chance to sight most of the rhinos, leopards, African elephants, lions and other wildlife species. While safaris to most wilderness destinations may seem more costly, the experiences that you will have with wildlife while in their natural homes is ideally mesmerizing.

Witnessing wildebeest migration

If you have ever thought of exploring the rare wildebeests as they migrate then the Maasai Mara National Reserve is the perfect place for you to realize your dreams. Observing the wildebeests as they migrate is the most thrilling experience that comes once in a lifetime. Wildebeest migration is usually experienced once in a year and annually, over 1.5 million wildebeests and zebra migrate overland to look for pasture and water. This tremendous event occurs from May to June but this also depends on the wet season.

There are also hot air balloon safaris for you to experience while on safari in Kenya. This offers visitors a chance to float above countless wildlife species at Maasai Mara National Reserve. The experience lasts for about 1 hour and it is also conducted by most safari lodges where you will spot wildebeests as they migrate.


Kenya also features as one of the best safari destinations in East Africa for birding safaris. It features numerous habitats that offer refuge to more than 1100 bird species and over 342 of them can be spotted within just a day making it the rarest destination in the world. The notable bird species for you to sight while on birding adventure in Kenya include Vulture Guinea fowl, martial eagle, hartlaub’s Turacos, red fronted parrots, bee eaters, bristle crowned starling, hemp rich’s hornbill, wood peckers, thrushes, flycatchers, terns, swallows, waders, helmet shrikes, sunbirds, barbets and many more.

If you are interested in migrant bird specie, then visit Kenya around October and February when most of Palearctic migrants flock into Kenya’s marine and inland shorelines. The national parks in Kenya offer the best spots for birders to realize their dreams.

Cultural experiences on Lamu Island

Wildlife safaris in Kenya are only complete when they are combined with cultural experiences. For cultural enthusiasts, Lamu Island is such magical island that you need to consider in your travel plan. For many years, the Lamu Island has been modified by the local Bantu tribes in Africa, Portuguese explorers and Arab traders. This cultural mixture has led to formation of the most interesting history and rare Swahili people and culture. Lamu Island features one of the ancient cities in Kenya and it is designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its distinct historical mosques and ancient Arab houses that come with amazing carved wooden doors. The major attraction within Lamu town is the Lamu Museum, Lamu Fort and Swahili House Museum.

Chill out on East African coast

If you are interested in weekend getaways, Kenya features a number of beaches for you to relax with your dear ones. Its proximity to the East African Indian Ocean coast offers the ideal site in the world for one to undertake a beach vacation. The white sandy beaches come with stunning palms. The most prominent beaches that you should visit for your relaxation include Malindi, Kilifi, Mombasa, Diani, Nyali, Watamu, Wasini and many others.

Mountain climbing

For adventure seekers, Kenya is also the perfect place for you to engage in mountaineering experiences. For the most thrilling adventures, Mount Kenya is such an incredible mountain that you should consider in your bucket list. Mount Kenya stretches up to 4986 meters above sea level making it the second highest mountain in Africa and it usually offers the most breathtaking adventures and scenic views of the surrounding areas. Trekkers, who come to challenge themselves in this mountain, get a chance to catch a glimpse at Mount Kilimanjaro. For travelers who may not make it up to the mountain’s summit, you can concentrate within forested lower slopes below the ice capped peak which features a number of wildlife species. Alternatively, you may also hike through Mount Longonot which features as a dormant volcano in Naivasha. This volcano features a forest that thrives in the Crate and it equally offers the most spectacular views of the surrounding areas.

White water rafting

Besides wildlife experiences, you can also embark on white water rafting and Kayaking adventures along River Tana in Kenya. For adrenaline adventure lovers, the two adventures offer visitors a chance not only to experience its River rapids but also to catch a glimpse at what the Kenya holds for the world in terms of its natural beauty. While rafting, never miss to explore the stunning ecosystem and bird along the valley. For memorable water sport adventures, consider Mathioya, Athi River or Tana routes which are famous as one of the best 10 River trips on earth. The route features not only as the best for white water rafting but also as the best spot for you to catch a glimpse at most of the wildlife species.

Camping and picnicking experiences

If you want to experience wildlife at a close range in the natural habitat, then camping safari is the best option for you. The amazing part with camping is that, visitors are in charge of themselves when it is time to sleep, meals and many more. Most of camping and picnicking safaris are conducted in most of Kenya’s spectacular national parks like Mount Kenya National Park, Aberdare National Park, Hell’s Gate National Park, Nairobi National Park, Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park, Ol Donyo Sabuk National Park and Mount Elgon National Park and others. You may also camp around Lake Magadi, southern part of Kenya’s mighty rift valley. Lake Magadi is situated in a catchment of faulted volcanic rocks.

Walking/hiking safaris

Kenya provides a wide range of hiking opportunities to visitors. Walking adventures in Kenya allows you to discover the stunning areas like the Maasai Mara and Laikipia plateau while on foot. This will enrich you with amazing wildlife encounters as well as traditional and cultural experiences in the near by villages. You can as well, hike through Hell’s gate protected area where you will explore more about Canyon gorge, rock formations and camping experiences within the park.

Explore Nairobi

Nairobi features not just as the biggest city in Kenya but also tourist site with several historical museums that are worth exploring while on safari in Kenya. A visit to this stunning city also allows you to experience more African tribal displays, local markets, modern shopping malls, local and international restaurants, Kenyan street food especially nyama choma, wildlife viewing in Nairobi National Park where you will have a chance to sight lions, giraffes, buffaloes, zebras, rhinos and many others.

The other activities for you to enjoy in Kenya include quad biking, shopping and many more.

In conclusion, planning for a vacation to any new destination is equally very challenging for most travelers as it involves choosing the best tourist site to visit, tourist attractions and activities and others. With the above listed tourist activities, we believe that they will guide you as you plan for your vacation in Kenya. There is a lot more to be explored than you may think about while on safari to Kenya depending on your travel interests.